Artist (Glen Vause) impression of how the container can be transformed in Sierra Leone - from a shipping contianer into a library facility :-) Can you help us get there? Please donate now


new computers displayed at training centre in Freetown

Close to 200 Computers, Bookshelves, Assorted Children’s Books and more boost Education in Sierra Leone

A second 20ft container, with close to 200 computers, library shelves, children’s books and creative learning materials, assorted clothing, children’s toys, sanitary kits and more to help the needy and promote education for children in Sierra Leone.

Partnering with Knowledge Aid to provide access to information and skills in information technology, these computers have been set up at their different centres in secondary schools and colleges in the capital Freetown.  Knowledge Aid Sierra Leone is run by a Board of Directors and provides training and technology services to students in these schools and colleges. These computers were donated by Xavier College in Ballina, and it is with great pleasure that we highlight the very positive impact that these computers are now making in the educational system in Sierra Leone. The Board of Directors of Knowledge Aid Sierra Leone extends deep appreciation to all who have made this possible.

The Sierra Leone Library Board in Freetown is another beneficiary of this second consignment. Over 42 standard metal shelves were donated to the central library and some of these shelves have been installed in their other branches in the country. The Grafton and Evans Head libraries in the Northern Rivers of New South Wales donated these shelves thanks to the Richmond Tweed Regional Library manager who negotiated these donations. The Sierra Leone Library Board are now installing them at the central library and other branches. Again, these shelves are very much appreciated by the manager and Board of the Sierra Leone Library Board in Freetown.

The container, donated by Nick Bird, will eventually be transformed into a library/reading/learning space, while the Richmond Tweed Regional Library donated over 300 boxes of children’s books.

To all local organisations, businesses, families and individuals in the Northern Rivers, especially in Lismore, for your support in both cash and kind, I say a big thank you!

Donations welcome

We encourage you to kindly make a donation to this worthy cause, by clicking on the DONATE button at top left of this page. The shipment of this second consignment, like the first, has attracted some debts given as no-interest loan to administer the project in Sierra Leone. Fundraising is usually the hardest, but with hard work and a generous community, we are able to meet our goals.

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Sandie WillisIn Australia we are constantly reminded of the importance of books and of encouraging our children to read. For us books are so accessible. For many in Sierra Leone it is a different story.

Sarah King knows this reality only too well and is now planning to do her part to change the story for many children and adults in her country of origin. I would not hesitate to encourage others to join with Sarah by helping with this project in any way that they can – whether that be practical or financial assistance.

-Sandie Willis
Secretary, Sanctuary Northern Rivers Inc