Artist (Glen Vause) impression of how the container can be transformed in Sierra Leone - from a shipping contianer into a library facility :-) Can you help us get there? Please donate now

Local Book Project for Schools in Sierra Leone

Press Release: 18th February 2014


The Sierra Leone Book Project, in partnership with Sanctuary Northern Rivers Inc. has collected over 500 boxes of books now ready for shipment to Sierra Leone.

The project has purchased a container to ship the books, and for further use as a library in Sierra Leone. The books will be loaded in the container on Saturday 1st March 2014 starting at 9.30 am at the premises of Summerland Christian College on Pineapple Road, Goonellabah. The college has generously provided a space for the container. Another loading of books into the container will take place at Storage King in Tweed Heads on the same day, starting at 2pm. Volunteers are needed for loading at Tweed Heads! Please call Sarah on 0423321729.

We are still collecting books to make maximum use of space in the container. As there is a limit to the weight of the container, donations of other (light-weight) items such as learning materials like pens/pencils/coloring, clothing, toys, etc are most welcome. Please take donations to Lismore Library on Magellan Street by Friday 28 February 2014 or call Sarah to arrange collection.

So... ! the books are ready to go! But... more funds are needed to pay for the cost of shipping the container to Sierra Leone.

Please make a donation, if you haven't already, to:
Sanctuary Northern Rivers Inc.
BSB 728728 Account No. 25806710
Reference: Sierra Leone
For a receipt, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
(not tax deductible)
Or visit

PEN Centre, a local organization in Sierra Leone has secured funds to clear and distribute the books to disadvantaged children in schools in the West African country, while some will be retained in the container-library to serve needy communities.

Richmond Tweed Regional Libraries, educational institutions, charity organisations, businesses and individuals in the Northern Rivers have generously supported this project and donated the following:

Over to 13,000 assorted books
2 laptop computers
A total of $8,130.22

A big Thank You to all who have donated and offered support in one way or the other.

Both the Mystery Print – drawn on 2nd November and the Christmas book hamper – drawn on 24th December 2014 respectively, were won by Lismore Library patrons.

Storage King in Tweed Heads has been very supportive, providing storage for the books since August 2013 – very much appreciated.

Please contact Sarah King on 0423321729 or Ian Philips on 0427248955 for any support you are able to give.



Donation Thermometer


Sandie WillisIn Australia we are constantly reminded of the importance of books and of encouraging our children to read. For us books are so accessible. For many in Sierra Leone it is a different story.

Sarah King knows this reality only too well and is now planning to do her part to change the story for many children and adults in her country of origin. I would not hesitate to encourage others to join with Sarah by helping with this project in any way that they can – whether that be practical or financial assistance.

-Sandie Willis
Secretary, Sanctuary Northern Rivers Inc