Artist (Glen Vause) impression of how the container can be transformed in Sierra Leone - from a shipping contianer into a library facility :-) Can you help us get there? Please donate now

Sierra Leone Book Project

from Australia with Love

When every African child has access to a variety of supplementary readers in schools at all levels, I would be the happiest man in the literary circle! This is because research has indicated that a child who can read and write, learns more and is more likely to stay in school. As a result, this child has a greater ability to contribute to economic prosperity. As a student/pupil masters the mechanics of reading, instructions expand to address reading and writing for critical thinking and the use of knowledge gained to solve real problems.

Allieu Kamara
Secretary, Pen International – Sierra Leone Chapter
Golden Baobab 2013 Search Hero

Sarah KingThe Sierra Leone Book Project, in partnership with Sanctuary Northern Rivers Inc. has successfully shipped a 20 ft container, now on the high seas bound for Freetown Sierra Leone. The container is loaded with over 700 boxes books, that's over 20,000 books donated by the Richmond Tweed Regional Libraries, learning institutions, businesses and individuals in the Lismore and Tweed region in NSW. Other items included in the shipment are 5 laptop and desktop computers, clothes, and children's toys.

The project purchased a container to ship the books, and for further use as a library in Sierra Leone. Volunteers from the Lismore community assisted with loading all 700 + boxes with high spirits.

It has been a long journey, however, the wonderful cooperation and support from the community has made the journey easier and worthwhile. A big Thank You to you all who have supported this project. I will be privileged to be at the other end to capture the thrilled expressions of the beneficiaries as they receive this wonderful gift.

Estimated arrival time for the container to reach the Freetown port is April 22 2014.

The fundraising continues for the final phase of project, which is onsite co-ordination for the clearing and distribution of the items and set up of the container library.

For donations and more information, please visit or contact Sarah on 0423321729 or Ian on 0427248955.

For a receipt, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.(not tax deduictible)

PEN Sierra Leone, the local centre of PEN International has secured funds to clear and distribute the items to disadvantaged children in schools throughout the country.

Items collected:

  • approximately 20,000 assorted books
  • pens, Pencils artist paints, brushes, etc
  • educational games and toys for kids
  • adults and children's clothes, shoes, bags, etc
  • 3 laptops and 2 Mac desktop computers

A big Thank You to all who have donated and offered support in one way or the other.

Donation Thermometer


Sandie WillisIn Australia we are constantly reminded of the importance of books and of encouraging our children to read. For us books are so accessible. For many in Sierra Leone it is a different story.

Sarah King knows this reality only too well and is now planning to do her part to change the story for many children and adults in her country of origin. I would not hesitate to encourage others to join with Sarah by helping with this project in any way that they can – whether that be practical or financial assistance.

-Sandie Willis
Secretary, Sanctuary Northern Rivers Inc