Artist (Glen Vause) impression of how the container can be transformed in Sierra Leone - from a shipping contianer into a library facility :-) Can you help us get there? Please donate now

Another Container Load Of Books, Computers And Library Shelves Is Ready For Shipment To Sierra Leone

The Sierra Leone Book Project Australia is again ready to load a 20’ container to ship off to Sierra Leone. This consignment is made up of over 10,000 books donated by Richmond Tweed Regional Library, over 200 computers donated by Xavier College in Ballina and library shelves donated by Grafton library are ready to be loaded.

A 20’ container has been donated, which leaves the project with a responsibility of raising enough funds for shipping, travel and coordination costs for executing the project in Sierra Leone.

The project is now partnering with Knowledge AID Sierra Leone and the Sierra Leone Library Board, with the later responsible for the clearing, distribution and management of the equipment and books.

The container will be transformed into a library in a location where disadvantaged children and community will have access to books and computers.


Promotional and fundraising events are now being planned and executed.

Adopt A Box Of Books/Computer

The project coordinator gave talks, raising awareness in some primary schools during Book Week 2015 and demonstrating how books light up the worlds of children in other countries like Sierra Leone. Students and teachers in both primary and secondary schools, and other institutions are encouraged to contribute to lightening up more worlds by adopting a box of books or a computer. This can be done through decorating a box, attach names or class and offer donations to pay for that box of books/computer’s shipment to Sierra Leone. Boxes can be provided as one type of box (banana box) is being used for this project. Adopted boxes of books/computers can be collected from schools.

We can provide books for adopted boxes. Children’s books in good condition will be accepted. The same applies for a computer.

Car Boot Market

The project is Charity of the Day at Lismore car boot market Sunday October 4. There will be a stall providing information about the project and also selling donated items. Volunteers will take donations from shoppers in different locations in the market. I would like to encourage people to volunteer to assist with this fundraising.

African Buffet Dinner

Goanna Bakery has generously open its space for an African Buffet fundraiser that will happen on Saturday 24th October. There will be a variety of African dishes and sweets, and some entertainment.

Dinner, Dance (With Live African Music) And Fashion Show

On November 20 this year, an African Dinner and dance, with live music, and fashion parade is being planned to take place at the Lismore City Hall.

Community Support

This project have received and still receiving amazing support from the community. Certainly could not do it without them. And calling for more volunteers to help in any way they can.


The project will have lasting impact on the children and the nation of Sierra Leone in general. Needy children will continue to access reading, access to information to widen their knowledge and have access to a community learning space in different parts in the country. This in turn will improve the learning abilities of the children and will increase their horizon of understanding of their world and in many fields of studies.


• Shipment of a 20ft container from Brisbane to Sierra Leone - $4400
Transportation of consignment to Brisbane - 2200
• Purchase of New Children’s Books - $2000
• Purchase of library furniture for children’s library - $2000
• Travel to Sierra Leone - $3,000
• Coordination of project in Sierra Leone (transport, fuel) - $2,000
Total - $15600


Jenny DowellEducation, particularly of girls, is the best assistance we can give anyone anywhere in the world.

I'm delighted to support Sarah King's Sierra Leone book project. Sarah has made her home in our Lismore community and is now working to assist her country of origin by giving the gift of learning through reading to the children there. She has the books and now needs our help to pay for the transport.

How about making a donation to get those books to the Sierra Leone children who are waiting for them.

- Mayor Jenny Dowell
Lismore City Council